I am a true believer in Acupuncture! I received treatments from Lindsay for assistance in fertility, overall well-being and daily balance. I felt amazing after each session and was pregnant after only four months. Lindsay approached my care with a holistic approach. She took time to fully listen to everything I had to say and offered the highest quality of care.
Polly Hazelwood

I tried acupuncture for a few different reasons – pain in my shoulder and hamstring, and lower than usual energy level. I appreciate the personal approach Lindsay took to get to the root of the problem. She does a wonderful job of asking the right questions to integrate mental, emotional and physical components of health. I had very good results with treating pain in my shoulder and hamstring, and her treatments left me feeling more balanced.

Emily Brennan

I received weekly treatments from Lindsay for high levels of stress. Her professional manner and skillful technique directly resulted in turning some of my worst days completely around without any Western Medicine. She suggested a Chinese medicinal tea which worked so well that I continue to take it whenever I need it. She turned the way I look at PTSD around and I would recommend her to anyone new to acupuncture as an alternative. Seriously, thank you Lindsay.
Joshua D.

I originally went to Lindsay for help dealing with anxiety and stress related discomfort. She helped me to understand some of the underlying causes of the stress and how it was effecting the flow of energy through different parts of my body. Each treatment helped me to become more grounded and to find more balance in my life. I saw a dramatic improvement in my breathing and posture, which had a positive effect on dealing with my anxiety. I feel more at peace after a treatment with her. Recently, I visited Lindsay after traveling for several months to address a problem with indigestion that I knew was related to stress. The problem had grown to negatively effect my breathing, appetite, energy level, and I was beginning to worry about my overall health. Lindsay used a more specialized form of treatment called Five Element Acupuncture to work directly on the source of my symptoms. She helped to clear some energetic "blockages" I had in major areas of my body, after which I noticed immediate improvement. This last treatment was three weeks ago and all symptoms of the indigestion are completely gone. I feel more vigor and clarity in my life. Lindsay has a gift for healing. She listens carefully to my needs and explains her treatments in a way that I can understand. She has a gentle touch and great intuition about how and where to place the needles. Her treatments have opened my eyes to the many great healing capabilities of acupuncture!
Mary H.

I had the pleasure of having Lindsay treat me when she was just finishing her training. She treated me to some of the best and most effective sessions. She has a deep insight into the process of acupuncture. Any one would be well served to have her treat them.

One year ago, like a bolt from the blue I was diagnosed with first-stage prostate cancer. After considering several options my doctor and I decided to engage in a six-month regimen, which included several dietary changes and supplements, qigong, yoga and acupuncture. I began seeing Lindsay at this time, and she was an incredibly enthusiastic, thoughtful, and intelligent care provider. Six months after my original diagnosis a biopsy of my prostate showed no cancer whatsoever. I'm quite certain that Lindsay's treatments had much to do with that amazing turnaround. Thank you Lindsay!
Scott Wenum