Size 10″ x 10″

Print includes a 1/2″ white border added for framing.

All artwork is printed on 9.5 Mil, 230 GSM Archival Matte Paper using archival Giclée inks.

Prints are made on demand. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for print orders to be shipped.

This petal, petal and needle print portrays the season of Autumn. It is in this season where leaves fall naturally from the trees. This natural letting go is imperative as it allows for new growth in the spring and the leaves provide essential trace elements and minerals to nourish the soil. The energy/spirit of Autumn in Chinese Medicine is about letting go. Letting go of whatever is not serving you (be it a toxic relationship, poor lifestyle choice or habit or material things) allows there to be space for new growth within ourselves and our lives.

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