A note regarding COVID-19 and Five Element Austin

As you know, sanitation and safety has always been a priority for me. And by working on construction in the midst of this pandemic, I have the luxury of considering sanitation and safety from the start. When I do reopen my practice, appointments will look a little different in the time of COVID. Please know that I am following all guidelines outlined by the Acupuncture Council and CDC.

- There will vinyl waterproof pillows that are medical grade and will be sanitized between each patient.

- The massage table will also have a protective covering and be wiped down and sanitized between each patient (I know soft sheets and blankets are nice, but we’re just going to have to have to manage this way for a while).

- I will be wearing an anti- viral mask at all times and will require all patients to also wear a mask. Please bring your own mask to the appointment.

- There will be no waiting room use to reduce cross-contamination. I will have a lovely sitting area outside in a zen garden I’m working on creating that you can sit at if the weather is nice before your appt. Those seats you sit on will be sanitized after each patient as well.

-Appointments will be 50 minutes

- There will be a 25 minute window between each patient so I have time to fully sanitize all surfaces touched including the restroom.

-Every patient will use sanitizer right before their treatment and will be swiping their own cards and using a Q-tip to sign or have me sign to eliminate cross contamination.

- I will be checking every patient’s temperature and oxygen levels before treatment.

- I will be purchasing a state-of-the-art Austin Air Hepa Filter for the room that specializes in removing viral particles from the air and filters particles even smaller than COVID-19.


If you are having or have exhibited any possible COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days please do not come in person to your appt. 

Symptoms include: *cough *fever *shortness of breath or difficulty breathing * chills * shaking with chills * unusual muscle pain * headache *sore throat * loss of taste or smell *unusual GI symptoms

If you have been diagnosed, are living with someone sick or diagnosed, or have traveled, do not come in till after 14 days of quarantine.
If you are venturing into public settings and not social distancing and not wearing a mask, please do not come in for an appt.

***** I know this screening sounds harsh- and it’s not meant to keep us down, but to keep us safe and allow me to be able to help all of you.***

If you happen to start having any symptoms, you will not be charged a late fee for cancelling. Also, you are always welcome to do a remote session instead.