Five Element Austin is now accepting New Patients.
New Patients must call or email to make an initial appointment. Please call (805) 689-2739 or email

We want to make the benefits of acupuncture accessible to everyone, so we will consider providing services on a sliding scale for those with financial limitations due to COVID-19. Please contact Five Element Austin directly to discuss your needs.  I'm here for you all always!
Treatments usually last about 50 minutes. The initial treatment can take up to two hours for full intake. If needed and/or necessary, herbs may be prescribed to complement the treatment. Cupping may be performed if needed and is included in the price of the acupuncture treatment. All  treatments are specialized and catered to each patient.

Lindsay Kohn

Regular rates

Initial treatment* (2 hours) $270 
Subsequent treatments (50 minutes) $135
Package treatment (5 treatments) $650

Student rates

Initial treatment* (1.5 - 2 hours) $180
Subsequent treatments (50 minutes) $95

Remote Session rates

1 hour $85

*(Please call (805) 689-2739 or email to set up your initial appt)

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Please note, with the exception of emergencies, there is a strict  cancellation policy.

Patient will be charged:
50% price of treatment if less than 48 hours notice is not given.
Full price of treatment if less than 48 hours notice is not given.


To simplify the process on your first visit, please consider printing and completing the patient intake form in advance of your appointment: