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Unique Benefits of Five Element Acupuncture

In the United States today, 40 million people (18%) experience anxiety disorders and 21 million (8%) are depressed. 60 million (25%) of Americans currently have sleep disorders/ insomnia and 100 million (47%) deal with chronic pain.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture, while treating all conditions, uniquely treats:  anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia and chronic pain. It focuses on not just a patient’s physical symptoms, but the emotional components behind them. In most acupuncture practices, a practitioner will ask a few questions, put needles in and leave the room.  Five Element treatments are completely individualized and interactive. The needles don't stay in longer than a few seconds  and we’re by your side through the whole session.  No two treatments are ever the same.

Five Element Austin is the city’s only practice specializing in this ancient form of Chinese Medicine. Learn more about what makes Five Element different on “About Five Element” page. And on our “Our Team” page, you’ll find Lindsay and Beverly’s stories about how Five Element Acupuncture helped both of them recover from both debilitating injuries and chronic illness. Call Lindsay at (805)689-2739 or Beverly at (214)683-1031 to see if Five Element can help you too.

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