The only Classical Five Element Acupuncture Clinic in Austin.

Restoring balance to body, mind and spirit.

Watch Lindsay explain the unique benefits of Five Element Acupuncture in this short video

Video by Nina Vizcarrondo

In the United States today, 40 million people (18%) experience anxiety disorders and 21 million (8%) are depressed. 60 million (25%)  of Americans currently have sleep disorders/ insomnia and 100 million (47%) deal with chronic pain. Are you one of these statistics?


Five Element Acupuncture is a specialty form of acupuncture. This ancient form of Chinese Medicine treats the root causes of these conditions with success.


Lindsay Kohn is currently the only certified Five Element practitioner in Austin. Read her story of how a debilitating spinal injury was cured with this unique form of acupuncture.  Call to set up a free consultation: 805.689.2739.

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